How to Turn Off Gridlines in Google Sheets

If you want to hide gridlines in Google Sheets, you need to open the View menu and select Show and then ensure the Gridlines option is unticked. Hiding gridlines only affects the current sheet. That’s it! Simple right? Here’s a screenshot of where you can find the option. Why would you want to turn gridlines … Read more

How Do You Autofit Row Height in Google Sheets?

You’ve seen sheets where the row heights seem to fit perfectly around the data inside them. Maybe you asked someone how to size your rows perfectly and they did it in a second whilst you weren’t looking. Either way, you are here to learn how it’s done and I’m here to show you. It’s pretty … Read more

Does Google Sheets have Cell Padding?

If you’re looking for cell-padding in Google Sheets then you are out of luck. Cell padding isn’t a feature of Sheets (or Microsoft Excel 365 in a browser either FYI). Why? I’m guessing it’s a technical thing that’s hard to implement and is something that is rarely needed in a spreadsheet. Maybe they’ve just not … Read more

How to Paste in Google Sheets Without Formatting

Pretty often when you’re working in Google Sheets, you want to move cell values around, but not their formatting. Bold and underlined totals are great to make a point. But if you need to copy them into a fresh sheet to analyze them, sometimes you just want the data, and not the format. Pasting values … Read more

Can you Justify Text in Google Sheets?

Justified text in a Google Sheets cell using a drawing

To cut a long story short… no. There is no option in the text alignment menu of Google Sheets that allows you to justify text. Google Docs does have this option but Google Sheets does not. However, don’t be too disappointed because if you absolutely need justified text there are a few simple workarounds you … Read more

How to Remove Underlines in Google Sheets

Selected group of cells, some underlined and some not

There is no Underline button on the toolbar in Google Sheets, so you might well get stuck trying to remove some pesky underlines on text in cells or even cells themselves that are underlined. I’m going to show you several ways to remove that formatting and introduce you to some features you may not have … Read more

How to Underline in Google Sheets

The format text menu

One of the most basic and useful of all the formatting functions available in google sheets is the humble underline. It’s great for titles and to add some emphasis to specific cells and can even add emphasis to a specific word or words within a cell. There are several ways to accomplish underlining. Some quick … Read more