Make Google Sheets Wait using a Function

Cell calculation order

You can’t deliberately delay the execution of an entire Google Sheet using a cell function. Most of the in-built formula functions on you can use in a cell execute very quickly. Some of them, such as IMPORT functions, can take a little time to return data. But these, like any Apps Script function you can … Read more

Do, For and While Loops in Google Sheets

An example sheet showing a do, for and while loop used to update cells

There are 3 types of loops you can use when writing JavaScript inside the Apps Script editor in Google Sheets. Those are do,for and while loops. They each work slightly differently. For loops are our favorite construct when updating all the cells in a range. They offer outstanding performance and make for easily readable code. … Read more

How to Insert a Date Button in Google Sheets

A cell acting like a date button and showing a date picker control

Google Sheets are pretty smart. If you enter a valid date into a cell, the next time you try to edit that cell by double clicking it or hitting enter with it selected, a date picker will appear. You can pick a date, and the cell will update. But what about empty cells that need … Read more

Hyperlink To A Local File in Google Sheets

The HYPERLINK function in Google Sheets does not support the file (file://) protocol. This means that any link to a local file that you enter will get rejected as an Invalid URL. If you really must link to local files from a sheet, there are ways to work around that limitation, such as installing a … Read more

Removing Hyperlinks in Google Sheets

There are 2 types of links in Google Sheets. Auto-generated links that sheets creates itself when you type in URLs, and links created using the HYPERLINK function. How you remove them differs slightly depending on how many links there are, and what type they are. There are pretty quick shortcuts to get rid of each … Read more

How to Show Formulas in Google Sheets

The quickest way to show all the formulas on a Google Sheet is to use the shortcut Ctrl+’ (⌘+’ on Mac). This will make every cell in your sheet display its formula instead of the result. Hit the same keyboard shortcut again to toggle the view back to the standard display. To view the formula … Read more

How to Refresh Formulas in Google Sheets Manually

Tick the box to roll the dice 10 times

Google sheets will automatically refresh formulas whenever you change the value of any cell in a sheet. If your data is based on the value of a volatile function like NOW(), TODAY(), RAND() or RANDBETWEEN() you can automate a recalculation of sheets formulas every minute or every hour by using sheet settings. To refresh your … Read more

How to Turn Off Gridlines in Google Sheets

If you want to hide gridlines in Google Sheets, you need to open the View menu and select Show and then ensure the Gridlines option is unticked. Hiding gridlines only affects the current sheet. That’s it! Simple right? Here’s a screenshot of where you can find the option. Why would you want to turn gridlines … Read more