HYPERLINK to Another Google Sheet Using Formulas or Menus

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There are 2 ways to create links in Google Sheets. You can either manually create them using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+k Win, ChromeOS, +k on Mac) or the ‘Insert link‘ menu option (Right-click > Insert link). OR you can create them using the HYPERLINK function as a formula.

A highlighted cell showing a hyperlink generated using a formula
3 different hyperlinks

How to use the HYPERLINK formula to link to another Google Sheet

Using HYPERLINK is pretty straightforward. Here’s the definition:

HYPERLINK(url, [link_label])

The HYPERLINK function takes 2 parameters. url and link_label.

The url is simply the URL of the sheet you want to open and the link_label (optional) is the text you want to display in the cell.

So, in order to use this function to create a link, we need the URL of a Google Sheet to link to. URLs of sheets start with docs.google.com and in order to get a sheet URL, you have 2 options.

1 – Open the sheet in your browser and copy the URL from the address bar.

A google sheet URL in the address bar
The address bar with a sheet open in Chrome

2 – Right-click a file on Google drive and use the ‘Get link‘ menu option

Right clicking a file in Google drive to get its URL
Right clicking a file on your Google Drive

Once you have your sheet URL, you can optionally remove anything after the last forward slash like so:


remove /edit#gid=0 to leave just the docs, sheets URL and the sheet identifier like this:


We can then use this URL in the HYPERLINK function to give you a link to any sheet, with any text you want displayed, like so:

=HYPERLINK("https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1suJoAeMDXh4tZRdV8rQ-AuzQJeU1fuYU-XgYKY8Rw7k/","Link to my file")Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

How to use the keyboard or menus to link to another Google Sheet

To add a link to another sheet using menu options or keyboard shortcuts, you first need to open the link editor pop-up window. A quick way to do this is using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+k (+k on Mac). You can also do this using the Insert Link option on the context menu for any cell (right-click > Insert Link).

Cell right click menu with insert link highlighted
Open the link editor pop-up

The link editor window allows to enter the text that you want the link to display in the sheet, and either search your drive for a sheet by name or enter a sheet URL. We’ve listed 2 quick ways to get a sheet URL from the browser address bar or your Google Drive above.

The link editor pop-up window
Adding and editing links

Hyperlinking to specific cell or range

Links can open a sheet and focus on a specific cell or range of cells. This is easy to do using both the HYPERLINK formula or by manually selecting a cell or range of cells. But you have to use the HYPERLINK formula if you want to open a range of cells in ANOTHER sheet as the link editor window only allows you to select a range in the CURRENT sheet.

To link to a specific cell or range of cells within any of the tabs within your current sheet, use the following option in the add/edit link window.

Add/edit link window, select a range of cells to link highlighted
Linking to a range of cells in the current sheet

Select a range of cells, and sheets will create your link. When you click the link, the sheet will open and move the focus to the selected cell or range.

If you want to link to a specific range in ANOTHER sheet, the best way to do this is to open that sheet and use the context menu (right-click) and select ‘View more cell actions > Get link to this cell’.

Cell context menu, get a link to this cell highlighted
Get a link to a cell

This will create a link that takes you directly to the cell selected and copy it to your clipboard. You can then use this link within the HYPERLINK function, or paste it into the URL bar of the add/edit link window. It should have a range parameter added and take the following format:

A link to a cell:

A link to a range of cells:

Once you know how these links work, you can see it’s easy to change the linked range by just changing the last part of the generated URL.


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